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H.E.S.S. Spring Meeting 2010, April 12 - 16

This is the Homepage of the HESS Spring Meeting in 2010 (12.04. -- 16.04), organized by the Hamburg astroparticle group.

There is no fee for participation. Costs for social events are 40 Euro for the conference dinner and 15 Euro for the excursion (Harbour tour in barges). These costs will be charged cash upon arrival.

Registration deadline for social events: Sunday April 4th.

Please click on the navigation tabs on the left for registration, venue, accomodation suggestions etc. When navigating to indico, you will be prompted for a password. Please use the standard H.E.S.S. password.

The meeting will take place in the lecture hall at DESY (DESY Hörsaal (building 05 in map on the right). We look forward to meeting you in Hamburg!

HH astroparticle group